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Managing Senior Depression with Homecare Software

home care managementApproximately six million Americans aged 65 an older suffer from depression, although experts estimate as little as 10 percent receive proper treatment. Despite what many believe, depression is not a part of the normal aging process. Unfortunately, late-life depression is often overlooked or confused with the effects of age-related illnesses. Whether it is the loss of a spouse, anxiety over losing their independence, or a chemical imbalance, many seniors experience short- or long-term depression that can tarnish their “golden” years. How can homecare software or homecare systems like ClearCare online help manage senior depression? Let’s discuss 3 ways.

1. Homecare Software Makes Medication Management Easy

One of the most important aspects of successfully managing depression is taking prescribed medications as scheduled. If you have a family member who suffers from depression, make sure you disclose all medication dosing instructions to his caregiver and care agency. Agencies that use homecare systems or homecare software are in a much better position to monitor proper medication administration. Your loved one’s caregiver will always know exactly when (and how much) medication should be given.

2. Homecare Systems Track Behavioral Changes

Mental health experts agree that keeping track of moods and behavioral habits is the most effective way to monitor senior depression. If circumstances prevent you from being with your older loved one as much as you’d like, hiring a reliable caregiver who is familiar with ClearCare Online’s homecare software is the next best thing. A professional caregiver will be alert to any behavioral changes that could indicate worsening depression. She will make note of such changes, which will be immediately visible to the agency and your family thanks to ClearCare Online’s web-based homecare software. Doctor’s appointments can also easily be tracked using ClearCare Online.

3. Homecare Software Keeps Seniors Active

Unlike other homecare systems on the market, ClearCare Online is designed with you and your loved ones in mind. Our goal (like yours) is to keep seniors safe and healthy. Caregivers are taught to help treat the symptoms of depression, as well as the illness itself. This means taking special care to keep seniors active and engaged – whether through exercise, games, or other enjoyable activities. Caregivers always know when it’s time to go for a walk or pull out the board games, thanks to daily reminders set in their homecare software. As an added bonus, you will always know when such activities have been completed.

Homecare systems like ClearCare Online provide numerous other benefits for seniors and their families. To learn more, call 800-449-0645 and ask for a free demonstration.

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