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More Families Searching for Elder Care Alternatives

elder care alternativesAccording to data from Seniors Guide Online, more seniors and their families are looking for retirement housing and home health care options than in previous years. Senior Guide’s findings are similar to the 2012 Genworth Cost of Care Report, which also points out the increase in prices of assisted living and long-term care facilities.

In Genworth’s report, semi-private and private rooms in nursing homes had the largest increase in cost. The national median daily rate for a semi-private room was $200 in 2012, a 3.63% increase over 2011, and the cost for a private room increased by 4.23% to $222 a month.

Although the need for skilled home care workers rose in 2012, home health care costs did not see a national average increase. This is good news for seniors who prefer home care, which accounts for approximately 90 percent of the elderly population. The majority of surveyed seniors also reported that they appreciated the value of technology in senior care, such as home care software and home care systems. Family members also enjoy the transparency that home care systems provide, such as ClearCare’s home care software, which offers real-time visibility to patient point-of-care.

Senior Care Options Increasing

Changes made with the affordable health care act and a rise in the costs of institutionalized care has given seniors more options to compare than ever before. The additional care options have also forced the senior health care industry to become more competitive, which is great for seniors. The harder health care providers strive to edge out the competition, the better services they will provide to their clients. Such services and features may include:

  • More qualified and trained caregivers
  • Improved scheduling for better reliability
  • Wider range of specialty services, such as Alzheimer’s care
  • Home care systems or home care software

Increased Interest in Self-Education

According to data from Seniors Guide Online, searches for medical home care and non-medical home care are steadily rising. More seniors and their families are turning to the internet for education on available elder care options. The public is no longer content to assume things will take care of themselves once the need arises; they are becoming increasingly interested in making elder care plans well in advance.

Interest in home care, as well as home care systems and home care software, has prompted a variety of organizations to host webinars and provide free resources to learn about the different options out there. As a result, families are able to make better informed decisions regarding the care of their loved ones and plan accordingly.

When the time comes for your family to consider elder care options, be sure to research the value of home care systems and home care software, such as provided by ClearCare. You will rest easier knowing that you can check in on your loved one anytime, from anywhere.

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