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New Elder Care Statistics Released

elder care The results from a 2011 survey performed by the Bureau of Labor Statistics revealed 39.8 million Americans work as unpaid caregivers to someone over the age of 65. The amount of time family caregivers spend has largely gone unnoticed - and often unappreciated. Fortunately each year new light is shed on the sacrifices and contributions made by unpaid caregivers. In addition, innovative home care systems and home care software programs are making it easier for family caregivers to take much-needed breaks when the responsibilities of care become overwhelming.

According to the survey, between 22 and 23 percent of those ages 45 and 64 identify themselves as elder care providers, while 16 percent make up the age group of seniors age 65 and older. The survey also revealed:

  • Nearly 1/3 of all caregivers take care of two or more older persons
  • 23 percent of caregivers have a minor child living at home
  • 85 percent lived in a separate home than their elder care recipient
  • 56 percent of caregivers are women, according to the survey. However, other studies have found the percentage of female caregivers to be as high as 75%.
  • 20 percent provide daily care, typically 3 hours each visit

How Home Care Systems Can Help

Many – if not most – of these caregivers would benefit from taking advantage of home care systems and home care software – such as provided by ClearCare. Unlike other home care systems on the market, ClearCare is designed to be user-friendly, affordable, and 100% reliable. Using home care software gives family caregivers the freedom to better manage their time.

The capabilities of other home care systems are rudimentary when compared to ClearCare’s innovative technology. A sophisticated telephony system ensures that caregivers are indeed at the client’s home for their scheduled shift. Caregivers have immediate access to each patient’s medical information, emergency contacts, and special meal considerations. ClearCare’s web-based home care software allows for real-time visibility to the patient’s point-of-care, giving family members remarkable peace of mind.

Stephanie Denton of the Bureau of Labor Statistics stated “there’s a wide interest in elder care, in how competing demands on our time impact our lives. How do elder care responsibilities influence our work? Or our child care?” For the majority of caregivers, the impact is a negative one. Relying on home care systems and home care software such as ClearCare is the best solution for such overworked caregivers.

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