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New "Grandson" Scam Targeted at Seniors

in home careIn recent weeks, a number of news outlets throughout the United States, especially along the East Coast, have reported a new phone scam aimed at swindling seniors out of large sums of money. In the latest craze among criminals to take advantage of concerned seniors, callers will make a phone call and claim to be the elderly person’s grandchild from a phone line that is noisy or difficult to hear on, making it tough to distinguish recognizable voices. After getting a senior on the line, the scammers then claim that they have been put in jail (often in the Atlanta, GA area) and are in need of money for bail, with prices typically in the $2,000 range.

In an effort to steer seniors away from the possibility of providing money to someone who is in fact not their grandchild, authorities are warning anyone who receives a similar call to check with other family members before wiring money in uncommon circumstances.

Care Teams with Homecare Software Can Help Deter Scammers
For a number of reasons, seniors are an often popular target for scam artists looking to cash in on an individual’s sense of compassion. In this scenario, worry for the wellbeing of a “grandchild”, coupled with sometimes reduced cognitive abilities and hearing loss make seniors an unfortunately perfect target.

Criminals also recognize that many seniors are living on their own, without a major presence from any other voice of reason or caution that could lead to a senior questioning a scam. This is the type of situation that a caregiver armed with a homecare software or homecare system, such as ClearCare Online, can help deter.

Cohesive Care Team: A cohesive, communicative care team can keep a close eye out for any suspicious calls, visitors or activity around a senior. When a homecare agency using a homecare software or homecare system is part of that team, the homecare system can act as a catalyst for easy, secure information sharing.

Notes Tracking: In the event a caregiver does feel a senior is being targeted, a robust homecare software or homecare system, such as ClearCare Online, allows caregivers to note odd phone calls, visits or mail that they feel family caregivers or other agency caregivers should also be aware of.

A Caring Presence: Criminals want seniors to be alone. When families hire an agency utilizing ClearCare Online’s homecare software and homecare system, they’re making senior loved ones less vulnerable to criminal activity. And with caregiver-client matching, and easy scheduling offered through a homecare software, family members can work with agencies to schedule shifts on a basis that ensures a caring presence is available when family or friends aren’t.

From now, until the end of time, there will likely always be someone trying to take advantage of society’s more vulnerable populations. However, with good people surrounding them, and a care team working with the help of a homecare software and homecare system like ClearCare Online, scammers may be finding a dwindling target audience.

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