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New Undergarment Helps Protect Seniors...From Falls!

While it may seem silly for underwear to protect you from falls, a new development is aiming to use undergarments to do just that for senior citizens. A recent unveiling by two top technology developers at the SXSW conference takes panties to a whole new level of protection for America’s aging population.

It’s no secret that falls are the number one culprit of injuries for people ages 65 and older in the United States. Falls put seniors at a major risk of injury, ranging from simple bumps and bruises to hip breaks and even death. However, with new tech-savvy undergarments, fall and associated injury prevention may be entering a new era.

Dr. Robert Buckman, inventor of ActiveProtective, aims to give seniors independence coupled with a renewed sense of safety. His invention, worn as underwear, track the normal movements of seniors. When an abnormal movement, characteristic of a fall risk is detected, multiple small airbags in the undergarment inflate to provide protection against impact that could lead to bone fracture or hip-region injuries.

Another invention debuted at SXSW was an adult protective brief designed with a QR code on the front. Once a garment is soiled, the QR code can be scanned by the caregiver, which has recorded information about the chemicals collected from the patient’s urine in a protective layer. Designed to allow tracking of urinary health, the garment could be a big leap forward from adult diapers that are used in today’s market.

While inventors look forward to the future of medical equipment, technologies like home care software and home care systems can provide a helping hand in elder care at this very moment. With a home care software or home care system, such as ClearCare Online, senior citizens and their caregivers can use technology to track care needs, bolster communication and ensure care is there when it’s needed most.

For items like fall prevention, home care software can be used to track fall risks and remind caregivers via tasks in the home care system to help reduce in-home fall risks such as throw rugs and cluttered walkways. When it comes to elimination, a home care software or home care system, such as ClearCare Online is a helpful tool to track a senior’s needs around toileting and elimination assistance.

Home care software also allows for increased communication between family caregivers, home care providers and even other members of a care team via unique features such as the Family Room offered in ClearCare Online’s home care system.

With so much available today – and so much more coming –it’s nice to know that technology is being used for more than just Facebook and Instagram. It’s also becoming a vital link for senior’s to maintain their independence.

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