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Online Tools a Help for Working Caregivers

iPad-scheduling_560x315In today’s world, many caregivers are struggling to find balance between managing their careers and the care of a senior loved one. While the balance can be difficult to find, online tools are one resource available to help ease the process.

Think about it: most family caregivers use technology extensively in their work and personal lives – from smart phones to manage their emails on-the-go and stay connected to family and colleagues, to laptops to catch up on work both in the office and at home.

However, having a tool customized to a family caregiver’s needs can open a whole new world to communication and peace of mind. One of these tools is the home care software and home care system, ClearCare Online, that is offered by the best home care agencies. With a secure family log-in, ClearCare Online home care software and home care system can provide family caregivers with instant access to information such as: scheduled shifts, caregiver arrival and departure times, invoices, medication lists and more.

While this information can be useful, it can also help family caregivers feel at ease while at work. For example, when a caregiver arrives at the home of their client, they use the client’s home phone to call in to the home care software. This clock-in is automatically registered with the home care system, and notifies both home care agency administrators and family members via the home care software’s unique, and secure log-in portals.

This information is vital to caregivers working away from their loved one, so they can know when caregivers arrive, what is going on, and listen to updates left by the caregiver. While this information could be obtained by calling the home care agency caring for their loved one, the home care system allows for real time updates to be available to family members without causing administrative time for administrators.

While technology plays a vital role in many facets of life, for many family caregivers, home care software like ClearCare Online can be yet another technology that helps caregivers find peace of mind.

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