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Overcoming Family Differences in Caregiving

images-1As your loved ones begin to require care at home, you may notice increased levels of stress and differences in family dynamics. However home care agencies using robust home care systems can help relieve this stress by taking advantage of advanced features of home care software like ClearCare Online. Home care software providing real time transparency into the home for all family members via individual login access will allow for immediate attention and clear communication.

Contact Tracking

The most advanced home care systems on the market allow for a detailled contact list for each and every client, and individuals can be specified as everything from an emergency contact to a payer. Recent trends have caused even more family members to become involved in the aging process of loved ones. For example, a recent New York Times article reported that each year almost half a million people over the age of 65 remarry, causing new sets of in laws and step families. With more family members comes more sharing of responsibility. The ability to organize the contact list by relationship and responsibility can be huge for a family balancing the shared responsibilites of looking after loved ones receiving care. Robust home care software like ClearCare Online that offers two –way messaging makes communication with agency administrators seamless. With your contact information at their fingertips, you can be sure that administrators are able to message you straight from the home care software about any questions or issues requiring your assistance.

Family Member Logins

Home care software like ClearCare Online allows for each and every family member to have their own login to the software to take a look at upcoming schedules, past care logs with reports from caregivers about the status of the client’s well-being and health, and even a family calendar for keeping track of family member visits. The high level of access and organization offered by home care software will undoubtedly decrease the stress associcated with aging family members. The peace of mind that comes along with real time updates from the caregiver provided via the home care system will undoubtedly help you overcome any concerns you may have.

When you are looking for care for your loved ones, make sure that the agency is using top of the line home care software that allows you to coordinate best with each and every family member involved in the process via family member login access. This will help with overcoming the differences that create tension between family members as you go through this very important process.

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