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Planning a Stress-Free Family Thanksgiving

elder care alternativesThe holidays are a time for joy and celebration. At least, that is what the holidays should be. Unfortunately for many seniors, the holiday season brings stress and anxiety with it. From planning dinner parties to arranging for house guests, Thanksgiving can easily become overwhelming. This is especially true for seniors, who may not manage stress as well as they used to. Family members and caregivers can follow a few guidelines to help the seniors in their life enjoy a stress-free Thanksgiving and holiday season. By keeping careful notes in a home care system or home care software, caregivers can easily tailor their care to each senior client.

Thanksgiving Day Tips

Holiday get-togethers can be stressful, confusing, and depressing for seniors if their physical, mental, and emotional needs are not carefully considered. It may take a great deal of energy to host or even attend a family gathering. Caregivers can use a home care system or home care software like ClearCare Online to check what level of activity the senior is comfortable with. Here are a few helpful hints for successful holiday planning:

Keep family events short and simple – at least while seniors are present. A four-hour shopping trip may sound fun for the young ones but is not the best idea for the elderly who tire easily.

Limit options – especially for seniors with dementia. Too many decisions and choices can overwhelm seniors and cause them to feel confused and uneasy.

Avoid overstimulation. Highly stimulating environments may increase the stress of some seniors. Refer to each client’s assessment in ClearCare Online’s home care system and home care software for insight on what situations and circumstances may cause anxiety.

Keep a calendar. Encourage the seniors in your life to write important events on their calendar, rather than rely on memory. Be sure to enter these dates in your home care software and home care system.

While Thanksgiving is a happy time for many, some experience “holiday blues” – feelings of profound sadness. Seasonal depression has a significant impact on the elderly as they think about loved ones who are no longer there to share in the festivities. Family members and caregivers should pay special attention to the mood and demeanor of seniors during the holidays. Concerns can easily be communicated using ClearCare Online’s secure home care system or home care software.

The holidays should not be a time of anxiety for anyone – especially seniors. Start your Thanksgiving planning now to relieve stress later. For more holiday tips, check out our article “Staying Safe this Holiday Season.”

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