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Planning For Easter With Your Senior Loved Ones

While not all senior citizens celebrate the upcoming Easter holiday, some are preparing for a religious celebration and spending time reflecting on their faith. Meanwhile, other seniors are looking forward a brunch with loved ones and watching their grandchildren hunt for brightly hued eggs.

Regardless of a senior’s specific plans for Easter, like any holiday, preparations for a senior to enjoy the special time can be necessary to ensure that transportation and comfortable accommodations are available. While the help of loved ones may be welcome, enlisting the help of a caregiver working for an agency that uses a homecare software or homecare system, such as ClearCare, can help get seniors to their Easter celebrations and give family caregivers the ability to enjoy the holiday as well.

Planning for Easter Homecare Help
Scheduling a shift with an in-home caregiver allows seniors to have an extra hand over the holiday weekend. If you haven’t already scheduled a shift, call your homecare provider as soon as possible to see if a caregiver is available. With the scheduling power of a homecare system or homecare software, agency administrators can quickly check the availability of their caregivers.

When scheduling a homecare shift, be sure to think about the kind of help required. For example, some seniors may need a hand getting ready for a family event. A task within a homecare software and homecare system, such as ClearCare, can ensure that caregivers know the important details of a senior’s needs, such as assistance with dressing before heading out to a family gathering.

Seniors planning to attend a religious service can also get assistance getting ready, and with client/caregiver matching provided by ClearCare’s homecare software, administrators can be sure to schedule a caregiver capable of providing transportation. More importantly, with timed tasks within their homecare system, caregivers can be sure that their client arrives at church on time!

Alternatively, if a senior is expecting guest for the Easter holiday, the help of a caregiver using homecare software to track client needs can provide seniors with an extra hand in light housekeeping, bathing and preparing for guests to arrive.

Whether it’s Easter, or any other holiday, the assistance of an in-home caregiver can ensure that senior’s have the extra help they need to make special days enjoyable, rather than worrisome. From some light housekeeping help to transportation or a hand in getting dressed up for a special day, in-home caregivers armed with the help of a homecare software or homecare system such as ClearCare, can be a welcome aid!

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