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Portland, OR Sick Day Policy May Benefit Family Caregivers

A recent newsletter from the Family Caregiver’s Alliance highlighted a new ordinance voted into effect in Portland, OR requiring employers to provide at least 1 hour of sick leave per 30 hours worked for every employee within the city. Companies with 5 employees or less are not required to pay for the time, while those with 6 or more must provide compensation for the sick time.

While the change may not seem like much on the surface, members of the Portland, Oregon city council advocate for the fact that each of their citizens has a right to health, and that the new measure provides a safety net of time to take off in case of personal illness, preventative care or the need to take care of an immediate family member. For working family caregivers, sick leave from employment allows some flexibility within their schedule to care for elderly loved ones, assist with transportation to a seemingly endless number of medical visits, as well as take care of their own health.

Home Care Coupled with a Home Care System Can Help Fill the Gaps

Unfortunately, as most family caregivers know, even sick leave from work is not enough to cover all of the time that senior loved ones need care, especially when conditions such as dementia or a recent injury are involved.

One source of assistance for time-strapped family caregivers is the integration of in-home care provided by a reliable agency that utilizes a home care software or home care system, such as ClearCare, to manage their operations. With a home care agency hired on to assist with care, family caregivers can schedule a caregiver to assist with transportation and a watchful eye at home when their presence is required at work. And thankfully, with a home care software or home care system, agency administrators can use the power of ClearCare to match senior clients with a caregiver that meets their needs and schedule.

However, one of the biggest benefits of hiring a home care agency that uses ClearCare’s home care software is the ability for family caregivers to feel connected with the care of their loved ones – even from work! Via a family log-in portal, an agency using a home care system from ClearCare can allow loved ones to securely log-in and see real time updates from caregivers in the field and be quickly assured that their loved one is getting what they need while they get some work done.

The balance between work and caregiving duties will likely be a struggle for family caregivers for all time. However, with the support of law makers, employers and home care providers using home care software and home care system technologies, caregivers can at least know they have an ally in their fight to find balance.

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