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Reduce Family Tensions With Respite Care

traveling caregiverAccording to The National Alliance for Caregiving and AARP, approximately one-third of the U.S. adult population is providing care for an elderly or disabled person. Although the time and effort families spend on caregiving often takes the place of personal time and secular work, many simply accept the sacrifices they make as a necessary and normal way of life. Families take all the work upon themselves, neglecting to rely on an innovative home care system or home care software that could ease their burden. Without rest or respite, tension soon sets in. Many siblings struggle to maintain their relationships with one another and some families fall apart completely. How can home care services and home care software alleviate this tension and stress?

  1. Respite care allows families to share the burden of caregiving. Utilizing professional home care services gives family caregivers the opportunity to spend time with their spouses and children, as well as take time for themselves. Relying on a web-based home care system like ClearCare Online ensures that families stay completely involved in their loved ones care – even from miles away. Caregivers update each daily task via ClearCare Online’s secure home care software so each family member can verify that their relatives are being cared for properly. This will reduce tension and any feelings of guilt.
  1. Home care helps identify family roles and responsibilities. Now that families have some free time, they will be able to sit down and have regular meetings together. This kind of communication is essential when deciding on each sibling’s role and responsibilities. ClearCare Online’s home care system and home care software facilitate good communication between caregivers and family members – as well as ensuring that a schedule is always in place. Identifying each family member’s role will ease much of the tension caused by uncertainty and doubt – creating a more peaceful atmosphere within the home.
  1. Home care alleviates financial strain. In addition to feelings of isolation and depression, most family caregivers admit experiencing significant financial strain and tension. Secular hours may need to be reduced, and promotions often get turned down. Home care has been the solution for countless families in similar financial situations. ClearCare Online’s home care software contributes to the solution by providing the most affordable home care system available. Families can be confident their loved ones are receiving quality care without having to sacrifice their savings.

Many family caregivers spend so much time caring for the needs of their elderly parent, they forget about their own. Balancing a marriage, kids, and work is difficult enough without adding in the added stress of sibling tension. When families take advantage of respite care, much of this tension can be alleviated. With the additional assistance of ClearCare Online’s home care system, relationships can be salvaged and restored.

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