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Senior Citizens Join the Ranks of Reality TV

home care softwareIn the seemingly endless selection of reality television shows that populate today’s television guides, it’s not often that you find seniors as the stars of a show. Sure, there may be a few seniors out there who love a doses of the Kardashians, but reality shows featuring seniors are a sorely lacking segment. However, for those seniors who are looking for a dose of something new in between the re-runs of Andy Griffith, TV Land has premiered “Forever Young,” a reality show featuring a team of 65+ and a team of 30-somethings, all picked to live in an estate together for a spring break meant to show the ever-evolving generational differences.

According to reviews, the show – which is produced by Ashton Kutcher – is a fun look into how people of different ages differ, with trivia games based on history for the younger group, and pop culture for the players in their Golden Years. “Brangelina?” one contestant replies to a question about the iconic couple of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, “It could be a cereal, maybe?” While it’s surely no Golden Girls, the show is a fun look into the minds of Americans at varying ages and a welcome change from the antics of the Jersey Shore.

And for the seniors who haven’t hopped on the small screen…

While some septuagenarians are soaking up the lime light, most seniors are more likely to be enjoying some TV rather than starring in it. In today’s increasingly active senior society, even socially and physically active seniors can use a helping hand around the house from time to time as they strive to age in place.

One of the best mechanisms of help available for seniors living at home is the assistance of a homecare agency utilizing a homecare software of homecare system, such as ClearCare, to manage their services. Often times, healthy seniors overlook the benefits of homecare, thinking that it is only for those physically incapable of caring for themselves. However, in home care can be a major hand when meal preparation, light housekeeping or errands become more of a chore than an enjoyment.

With care provided by an agency using a homecare software or homecare system, such as ClearCare, seniors can schedule visits on an ongoing basis, or intermittently as an extra hand is needed. And more importantly, with the robust caregiver-client matching capabilities offered with ClearCare homecare software and homecare system, seniors will be more easily matched with a caregiver who suits their needs and preferences.

The other major benefit to seeking the help of an in-home care agency with the capabilities of a robust homecare software or homecare system at their fingertips is the ability to schedule tasks. When setting up a shift, seniors can let administrators know just what it is that they need assistance with. Via tasks in the homecare software, caregivers can receive automatic reminders when they clock-in – ensuring that all of a senior’s needs are met, no matter how small or great they may be.
And who knows – one of those tasks in the homecare system just may be scheduling a time to tune into a favorite reality show!

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