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Senior Scams Making a Resurgence

3-seniorfraud-scamstoriesEvery few months a new batch of senior scams make their way around the country, leaving seniors and their caregivers concerned about who may be trying to make their way into a senior’s lives and finances. Recently, a growing number of seniors have reported receiving calls about their computers from a company claiming to be Microsoft. After convincing seniors that there is a problem with their computer, seniors are immediately asked for a checking account number and additional financial information.

The problem? These callers are not associated with Microsoft and are simply fishing for a way to access seniors’ financial information. Scams like these are designed to tap into a senior’s financial assets by posing as a trusted company. While it may seem impossible to fight, a plan to educate seniors and be prepared to monitor potential scams can significantly reduce a senior’s susceptibility to phone scams.

Foremost to prevention is awareness. Both seniors and their caregivers should be aware of red flags that indicate the caller is a scammer, such as:

  • No Call Back Number
  • Asking for financial information
  • Asking for checks or money to be sent
  • Unwillingness to speak to a caregiver

Next, seniors and their caregivers should work together to monitor potential scam activity. For example, if a senior has been receiving ongoing suspicious calls, caregivers with a home care agency using a home care software or home care system like ClearCare Online to manage their care can use tasks to help monitor activity. For example, a task in the home care software or home care system can alert caregivers to report any suspicious calls to family members via a voice recording in the home care system that is then displayed in the home care software’s family portal.

This information, coordinated through the home care software can be vital to keeping an eye on suspicious activity and working with family caregivers to report it to the proper authorities.

Phone scams are an ongoing threat for America’s growing senior population, however with educated seniors and caregivers, a keen ear and watchful eye can help protect seniors from financial predators.


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