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Tablets for Seniors and Their Caregivers

aging in placeIf your three year old has a tablet, why shouldn’t Grandma? That’s the idea behind the new Claris Companion tablet which is built and marketed to the senior crowd. With a sleek rounded look and wood patterned frame, the tablet is built with ease of use in mind and even offers reminders for medications and appointments after configuration. However, at a price point of $549 with a monthly subscription fee, a tablet like this may be an expensive option for already tech-wary seniors.

However, even if seniors themselves aren’t interested in using a tablet, mobile devices like an iPad or smartphone can still help play a vital role in the wellbeing of seniors living independently.

Homecare Software Offers Technology for Caregiver Use
If their own tablet isn’t the right fit for your senior loved one, a tablet equipped with a homecare software or homecare system, such as ClearCare, may be a better option. With the help of an in-home caregiver, seniors can receive assistance with everyday tasks from meal preparation to hygiene and transportation. However, even caregivers sometimes need a reminder of what their clients need.

The use of a homecare software or homecare system with cloud or telephony-based accessibility gives private duty agencies the ability communicate with caregivers in the field with ease. For example, say a client needs a new medication reminder. With ClearCare’s homecare software, administrators in the office can add the task to the homecare system, and when the caregiver calls to clock in they will hear the new task.

Additionally, if the caregiver is equipped with a tablet such as an iPad or Samsung Galaxy or any smartphone with a WiFi or data connection, they can log directly into the homecare system via a secure caregiver portal to view new tasks and clock in or out of their shifts. Access to a homecare software or homecare system like ClearCare via tablet or smartphone also allows caregivers to update tasks on-the-go, which administrators and family members can then view in real time via their own log-in portals to the homecare software.

Beyond tablets being a great way to keep caregivers connected when using ClearCare’s homecare software, devices set up with brain games and music can also provide a new, technologically engaging form of activity for clients who can become familiar with technology alongside their caregiver.

Whether Grandma wants her own gadget, or a tablet is a tool used in her care, there’s no doubt that technology is playing an increasing role in helping to take better care of our seniors!

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