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The Struggles of Out of State Caregivers

caregiver stressFamilies and friends who live far away from their loved ones find it extremely challenging to provide adequate care and support. Today there are more and more families that are separated by long distances but still try to act as caregivers. Needless to say, this presents a variety of problems. How can out of state caregivers provide necessary guidance, support, and assistance – without physically being present? Fortunately, ClearCare’s homecare system and homecare software has the answer.

The Challenge of Long-Distance Care

Managing the responsibilities of care from far away can be taxing. Problems can often seem worse than they are, seniors can become panicked more easily, and communication between family members is often more difficult.

Families who care for loved ones out of state may suffer from feelings of guilt, grief, resentment, frustration, anxiety, fear, and anger. Overcoming the challenges of long-distance care might seem overwhelming, but they don’t have to be.

The Essential Role of Homecare Software

Utilizing a quality homecare system such as ClearCare has helped countless families that provide long-distance care. A web-based homecare software can aid with:

  • Scheduling home caregivers
  • Keeping medical records and health details up-to-date
  • Ensuring caregivers are at the home on time
  • Immediate access to point-of-care

When family members can’t actually be at the home of their loved one, being able to “see” what goes on during the day is incredibly comforting. ClearCare’s homecare system makes it easy for out of state caregivers to check up on their elder loved ones – anytime, anywhere.

Overcoming Obstacles of Long-Distance Caregiving

One of the most troubling aspects of long-distance caregiving is knowing when you are actually needed – and when it’s a false alarm. Relying on a responsible in-home caregiver can alleviate any doubt in such situations. Being objective is difficult when it involves someone you love so it’s important to work with a caregiver that you trust.

Regular communication is key when caring for someone out of state. Families should have open lines of communication with all caregivers, the agency and the senior’s physician. ClearCare’s homecare system makes communicating easy by keeping everyone on the same page regarding the elder’s care and daily situation. Caregivers are required to update their tasks within homecare software whenever scheduled daily tasks are completed – eliminating any doubt whether or not the senior is receiving quality care.

If you are currently providing care out of state, look at how a homecare system, like ClearCare, and homecare software can benefit your family!

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