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Tips for Seniors & Caregivers to Age Successfully

imgres-7There is an old saying that jokes, “growing old isn’t for sissies.” The adage likely refers to the challenges of aches and pains and new limitations that seniors often face in their golden years. However, these struggles can often be a serious time of change for seniors and their loved ones. Being prepared for the new challenges and opportunities that getting older brings can help relieve some of the stress of aging.

According to eldercare author Joy Loverde, there are some basic things that seniors and their loved ones can do to prepare for the Golden Years, such as:

  • Evaluate finances and make a plan for spending & care
  • Consider housing and using technology to make it possible to age in place
  • Find ways to feel needed via enjoyable community activities, family interaction and new learning

While all of these are wonderful tips to help seniors better navigate later life, the idea of living at home can be daunting even when it’s what a senior most wants. However, with the growing private duty care industry, seniors have the option of enlisting the help of a homecare agency using a homecare software or homecare system to help manage their care.

This is one example of using technology (in this case ClearCare Online’s homecare software) to help seniors age in place.

The benefits of having the help of a homecare aide using a homecare software or homecare system like ClearCare Online are endless. For example, with access for family members to the homecare system, far away loved ones can still keep up-to-date on the care of their aging parent or relative in real time. With telephony-integrated clock-ins to the homecare software, seniors can be sure that they are being billed fairly – and also be assured that agency supervisors are watching the homecare system in their office to check that caregivers aren’t late for a shift – meaning seniors always have the help they need, when they expect it.

Navigating getting older can be a frightening course. However, with some preparations and the integration of technology like ClearCare Online’s homecare software to guide companionship and assistance services, the path can become a little less overwhelming.




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