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What is Person-Centered Care?

imgres-2Most long-term care facilities will tell families that they offer “person-centered care,” but this not always the case. Even many home care agencies boast that they provide this type of care – even if they don’t. So what is person-centered care? And how can you find a caregiver who actually provides it?

Understanding Person-Centered Care

Patient-centered care, or person-centered care, refers to the practice of basing key long term care decisions on each individual’s needs, preferences, and expectations. This concept is becoming a crucial aspect of delivering quality care to in-home care patients and facility residents, but not all providers understand its importance. Nurses at a care facility might assist a resident with bathing and grooming, but a person-centered care approach would mean involving the resident in the decisions on how such activities will be carried out.

Seniors who receive in-home care benefit greatly from a homecare system or homecare software that helps caregivers provide person-centered care that focuses not just on treating the patient, but on:

  • The person’s strengths – not limitations
  • Interests and activities that are meaningful to them
  • Building social connections
  • Personal preferences
  • Developing healthy lifestyle habits

A reliable homecare system helps in-home caregivers set reminders for important daily tasks that not only meet the senior’s physical needs, but his emotional and physiological needs as well. ClearCare Online’s homecare software also facilitates good communication between all care team members – another important factor in person-centered care.

Finding a Provider that Offers Person-Centered Care

Finding a long-term care facility that offers true person-centered care can be challenging. The majority of nursing homes are notoriously understaffed. Nurses don’t always remember to use the patient’s name, or have time to engage them in conversation. Some residents report that entire days go by without anyone even making eye contact with them. So if you have a loved one who requires care, how do you ensure they are being treated as an individual with feelings and specific needs?

Countless families have found great success with using reputable home care agencies that offer a web-based homecare system or homecare software such as ClearCare Online. Quality home care is not task- or schedule-oriented. It revolves around each individual patient – their unique circumstances, preferences, and expectations. Interactions are more personal and heartfelt. A dedicated caregiver is on the look-out for opportunities to enrich the lives of her senior clients.

Caregivers who use a homecare system or homecare software like ClearCare Online have an advantage when it comes to providing person-centered care. Each client’s care plan, assessment, goals and expectations can all be recorded and easily reviewed. Changes in the senior’s health, mood, and behaviors can be noted within ClearCare Online’s homecare system so appropriate steps can be taken when necessary. Families can be kept in the loop with real-time updates on their loved one’s daily care.

A senior’s life should be fulfilling and satisfying. This should include his personal health care as he ages. Using advanced technology like homecare software can make person-centered care the standard for all home care patients.

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