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Working Seniors Need Home Care's Help

working seniorsNo longer does age 65 mean automatic retirement. For an estimated 74% of Americans, their planned work life goes beyond 65 years of age, according to a recent study from Wells Fargo Securities, LLC. The reason stems from a need to keep a reliable income, as social security or retirement benefits don’t provide enough funding to sustain seniors’ household. However, for many seniors, continuing to work also means balancing continuing their career with caring for a spouse or parent who is in need of assistance with everything from dressing to driving.

For seniors who are struggling to maintain a job at their advanced age, in a highly competitive job environment, can find that caregiving only adds to their struggle. However, with working seniors making up a growing segment of the family caregiver population, home care agencies can tailor their services to provide services that promise quality care for a loved one, as well as some relief for senior caregivers juggling work, caregiving and their own symptoms of aging.

Highlight How Home care Provides Relief for the Caregiver and Care Recipient
While working senior caregivers feel the need to go to work to sustain their household’s income, many also feel the strain of wanting, or needing, to be at home to keep a watchful eye over their spouse who may be suffering the effects of everything from a chronic disability to dementia or rheumatoid arthritis. Home care owners can market their services to these seniors by highlighting the fact that home care services can provide respite from a trusted caregiver while they are away at work – as well as additional benefits. For example, a task of light housekeeping kept in an agency’s home care software or home care system can allow working seniors to come home to a happy care recipient as well as a tidy home, relieving some of their household duties in addition to keeping their loved one safe.

Home Care Services Can Make Work Enjoyable Again
Although many senior caregiver work because they have to, many of these of seniors also find work to be an enjoyable social experience, as well as giving them a sense of purpose as they age. However, leaving a spouse who requires can transform work into a guilt and worry-ridden experience. Reputable home care agencies using a home care software or home care system to manage care can assure working seniors that their loves ones are safe and well cared for. Additionally, a robust home care software or home care system can allow working seniors to check on the care of their loved ones with personal log-ins, right from work and in real time.

In today’s economic climate, more and more seniors are finding the need to work while also ensuring that their spouse is well cared for at home. However, home care software or a home care system, such as ClearCare, can help make a potentially stressful situation for working seniors a more manageable and bearable experience.

The senior scenarios in this blog are fictional.

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