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Young Entrepreneur Keeping Seniors Connected

senior sleep patternsSam Steiner is no typical high school sophomore. The 16-year-old from Boca Raton, FL is busy running a business called SeniorLink in between managing his studies at St. Andrews school. According to a recent article in the Miami Herald, Steiner started his business to help get seniors set up with technology that was otherwise intimidating to them on their own.

One of his first customers, 75-year old Marilyn Pechter, first hired Steiner to help her set up an email account. However, in the time since he has also help get her set up with WiFi, organize her online passwords and is always available to help troubleshoot issues in-home or remotely through screen share programs. Since first working with Pechter, SeniorLink has grown a client list of about 80 customers, many who are repeat users of the service which charges $35-$40/ hour.

The model works, says Steiner and his advocates, since seniors are excited to give work to high school students while also connecting to their family, friends and endless information via the internet. In fact, the idea for the business started after a loved one was in a rehabilitation facility and he noticed many residents without visitors – then offered his expertise to help get folks connected.

Connection to Family Imperative for Seniors
Staying connected to family members at a distance can be especially important for seniors, and while internet connectivity allows seniors to get socially connected, many families also wonder if technology can help them manage elder care – and the answer is yes!

One form of elder care technology is a home care software or home care system, such as ClearCare, which can be utilized by agencies providing in-home care for seniors, allows for information to be securely exchanged between care providers and family caregivers via secure home care software portals.

Additionally, with a home care software or home care system in place, family caregivers at a distance can rest assured that agency administrators are monitoring care. Real time care alerts from ClearCare home care software let managers know if caregivers are late to a shift, so the coverage a senior needs is always guaranteed. Or, if a care task is left overlooked, a home care system like ClearCare provides agency managers with easy tools to figure out why – and ensure that seniors get the care they need.

Technology is a major part of today’s world, and as seniors and their loved ones become more aware of the benefits of technology in elder care, a home care software or home care system like ClearCare can become an invaluable partner in caring for a loved one.

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