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Family Matters saves 25% on work comp with ClearCare Insurance


FamilyMatters_Photo.jpgFamily Matters In-Home Care was founded by Jacob Laffen’s mother, Carol. She got into the business as a result of experience working in hospitals as well as other specialty offices and home care agencies. These experiences helped her realize that there was a need for better in-home care agencies that centered around the personalized needs of their clients. Family Matters is a small, but rapidly growing business. They care for about 70 clients with 3 owners, 5 office staff members, and more than 100 caregivers -- with the help of the ClearCare platform

“ClearCare is more than our software provider, they are a partner”.

Because Family Matters is a relatively young agency, they felt they were a little naive to the average cost and quoting processes involved in acquiring a workers’ comp insurance provider. Though they had direction, Jacob and his fellow owners knew what they were looking for. First, they wanted the lowest cost possible, as most agencies do. Next, they wanted exemplary customer service -- having people there to inform and guide them in their decision making process, with Family Matter’s best interest at heart. Lastly, they wanted a set of tools that would help them navigate reporting, payments, and claims -- ideally all in one place.

During the quoting process, they investigated about four different workers’ comp providers, but Maria, their ClearCare Insurance representative quickly won them over with her helpfulness and responsiveness to all of their questions and needs.

“The ClearCare team went above and beyond by helping us fill out paperwork and being an advocate for us to the carrier underwriters. However, great service would not have been enough if the quote had not been so favorable.”

WorkSafe’s integration with the ClearCare platform, which they were already using, was also a key component in the decision to switch to ClearCare Insurance. As regulations and compliance factors can be scattered, they felt it benefitted them to have a system that was able to house all of their insurance information and easily compatible with the home care software they were currently using. One of the features of the ClearCare Insurance package that Jacob and his partners particularly like is the online payroll reporting, which allows them to report payroll, and pay their premiums, throughout the year. This allows them to avoid a large bill at the end of the policy term.

Jacob, Sharon, and their partners feel that, because of ClearCare’s integration with ClearCare Insurance, WorkSafe’s regulation compliance support, payroll reporting features, and the exemplary service from the ClearCare Insurance team, ClearCare is the best choice for their company. All of these factors contributed to the amazing savings and peace of mind they receive by working with, not only their platform and insurance provider, but partner in everyday work functions.

“ClearCare Insurance offered us a solution which we estimate saved us over 25% more than we were paying per year with our last insurance provider.” 

How much could your agency save?

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