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For Greg Carson, WorkSafe is a 'no brainer'


GregCarson_Headshot.jpgWhy ClearCare Insurance?
I received a much better rate through ClearCare and I like having WorkSafe program in ClearCare to help reduce risks which could lead to work comp claims. My ClearCare Insurance representative, Raffi, made it so simple and really rushed to get everything in place for me with less than two weeks before my previous policy expired.  He even processed forms for me late the night before Thanksgiving to make sure the policy would be underwritten by December 1st.  The quoted rate from ClearCare Insurance was significantly lower than any other quote I'd received, and having it integrated with ClearCare made it that much more attractive.

How much did you save on your premium and what impact will that have on your agency?
I cut my workers’ comp rate by 2.5 percentage points, which will translate to $4,000-$6,000 in savings this year.  This will give us greater flexibility in wage increases for my treasured caregivers and allows us to remain competitive in recruiting and retention.  The added safety measures and the telephony prompt for reporting a safe shift will also reduce the risk of costly claims.

How will WorkSafe impact your agency?
The cost savings alone are significant enough to make the decision to implement WorkSafe a no brainer.  But the value of keeping my care team safe and feeling that their safety is important is priceless.  Having the program integrated into the ClearCare platform reduces the workload on my office team, allowing for more time focusing on our relationships with clients and care team members. -- Greg Carson, Right At Home- Irving/Arlington, Texas

How much could your agency save?

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