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Ask These 10 Questions Before You Hire a Home Care Provider

Finding the right Home Care provider can be confusing. After you find the right provider, homecare software can help keep care plans organized. But, first things first: finding a provider.

There are hundreds of thousands of homecare providers to choose from. However, this is your loved one and you want to make sure that you choose wisely. Not just anyone will give your elderly parent the love, attention and kindness they deserves. Not to mention, you have to find someone you and trust and rely on. Home care software can help in these situations, as well.

It might sound sneaky, but monitoring the person caring for your loved one is not only necessary, it is expected and completely standard within the homecare industry.

Homecare software, like ClearCare Online, can help families monitor the care of their family member, while care managers can keep closer track of time spent with clients for efficient billing and payroll services.

Families Should Ask Homecare Providers About Care Management Software and Experience

Keep these questions in mind. Write them if you need to, just make sure you ask each potential homecare agency:

  1. How much experience do you have?
  2. Do you accept insurance or any type of public assistance as payment?
  3. Can you provide a backup in case you are unable to show up?
  4. Are you a licensed, insured and bonded care giver that is covered by workman's compensation?
  5. Do you develop a custom plan of care?
  6. Do you object to homecare software monitoring your services?
  7. Do you have a supervisor that checks on your services?
  8. How much and what kinds of training do you have?
  9. How do you screen a potential caregiver and how do you match a caregiver to a client?
  10. Do you check references (or for an individual you would ask for references and check them yourself), backgrounds and is there any type of drug screening conducted?

When you are satisfied that this is the right provider for your loved one, create a care schedule and work together to keep track of your elderly family members' care via ClearCare Online.

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