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Building Caregiver Relationships

senior_giftAfter unexpectedly suffering from a stroke, Jim Baker spent three weeks in a coma. He awoke to find his mobility significantly limited as a result of brain damage. Jim spent nine months in five different care facilities relearning basic skills before returning to live at home with the help of a dedicated caregiver named Greg. Rather than stewing about his limitations, Jim decided to fulfill his lifelong dream of building a boat.

Although Greg did not have much experience with tools or boat building, he worked with Jim side by side and over the course of two years, the two built a boat together. Greg would help Jim whenever necessary – giving him support as well as companionship. Building the boat helped Jim regain his mobility and he stood proudly inside his completed boat when it finally launched.

Caregiver-patient relationships like this can be very rewarding, but do not happen automatically. If you have an older loved one who requires home care, how can you ensure that he has a good relationship with his caregiver? What are the advantages of homecare systems and homecare software in this respect? If you are a home care agency administrator, how can you use homecare systems to match up your clients and caregivers?

Homecare Systems Help Build Relationships

The first step in building a strong caregiver-client relationship is to create the right dynamic. The assigned caregiver must not only have the right skills to provide quality care but should also match the client’s personality and interests. With ClearCare Online’s homecare software, clients and caregivers are matched based on specific criteria. Every client is paired up with the most appropriate caregiver using this sophisticated homecare software.

Unlike other homecare systems, ClearCare Online offers the most comprehensive home care management solution. Caregivers and clients are thoroughly assessed so that they can be matched accordingly. ClearCare Online’s integrated point-of-care homecare software allows agency administrators and skilled caregivers to perform in-home assessments of their clients and securely store the information electronically. Care managers can build a care plan for each individual client based on their needs, goals, personality and preferences. Does the client have a cat? Does she enjoy yoga? Enter this information in her assessment! The more details you enter, the easier it will be to match to the right caregiver.

Homecare systems like ClearCare Online have been developed to help keep seniors maintain their independence by living at home as they age. Like Jim, mentioned at the outset, even stroke victims can recover at home with the help of a dependable caregiver. Homecare software that allows caregivers to track important activities of daily living ensures that each senior is receiving quality care. This builds trust, which is also a key factor in developing close bonds between caregiver and client.

Do you have a special caregiver-client story to tell? We’d love to hear about it!

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