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Choose the Homecare Service that Suits Your Needs

There comes a time in most people's lives when they have to decide whether to hire a homecare service for their elderly parent or keep trying to care for him or her themselves. This is not only an important decision, it is a very difficult one!

Beyond the desire to age in place, homecare service may also become a necessity in providing care for a loved one who is recovering from a surgery or illness. Either way, the decision to seek assistance from a homecare agency is typically a culmination of discussions among family members and medical providers.



How Homecare Providers Can Help

All homecare service situations are unique. At first you and your siblings may step in to help with simple things like driving mom to the hairdresser or helping dad with grocery shopping. As needs increase, your time commitment and responsibilities increase, as well. The physical conditions of your loved changes. Mental capabilities may decrease. Soon, even simple things like daily hygiene are too difficult for them to manage on their own.

As guilty as you may feel, this could be the time to seek professional help. There is no shame in admitting that you can't do everything yourself. You probably have work, kids and a home of your own to care for. The obvious choice to many is to have your parent move in with you. Seniors have a different idea. They might not be ready to give up the house they have worked a good part of their life to pay off! They might not like the idea of burdening you. Whatever the reason, many seniors insist on staying in their own homes as long as possible. This concept is referred to as "aging in place."

Homecare service is the best solution. You can still pop in whenever you have time. Actually, the more you pop in the better to make sure your parent is being cared for properly, taking medications as prescribed and most importantly, that your loved one is happy!

Ideally, homecare services are used as part of a care plan that is a team approach. When family members, homecare providers and the elderly work together, staying in the home for as long as possible becomes a viable reality.

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