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How ClearCare helps with Home Care


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ClearCare is a powerful homecare software specifically designed for use by non-medical, in-home care agencies. If you are a homecare agency owner searching for a more efficient way to manage your business and employees, or if you are a family caregiver longing for more efficient communication with the home care organization you’ve hired, ClearCare is the answer you’ve been looking for.

ClearCare is Easy to Use:

ClearCare can be set-up in less than 30 minutes, with no software to install. Our sales team will work with you to have the program configured with your agency’s logo, look and information, all over the phone or internet. Once enrolled, the information is available for access from any computer or smartphone; you don’t have to download a program onto every computer in your office with the cloud computing power of ClearCare.

ClearCare Keeps Caregivers On Track:

As each task within a client’s care plan is completed, caregivers in the field will call in to a telephony management system, or check off the task via a smartphone or tablet device, depending on the ClearCare system you choose to use. If caregivers miss a task, they must provide a reason for the missed check-in, allowing you, as an employer, to see how well caregivers are working when they’re in the field.

ClearCare is Affordable:

ClearCare packages start at as little as $10 per client, per month, a cost that most clients are willing to pay, knowing that the program will lead to a higher level of care for their loved ones.

ClearCare Means Transparency:

Utilizing ClearCare homecare software lets clients know that you are committed to keeping an eye on your caregivers in the field, and that your agency is built on a foundation of honest communication. Via a secure log-in site, family caregivers can have access to care log updates from your employees with ClearCare. This unique feature lets family caregivers know exactly what’s happening with the care of their loved one; which is an invaluable tool for securing clients who may have hesitations about bringing in help from a homecare agency.

To experience the benefits of ClearCare for yourself, click the “30 Day Free Trial” button on our homepage, or contact us at (800) 449-0645.

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