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Easing the Transition to Home Care

timthumbChange is difficult for most of us, but for seniors, it can be especially challenging. Elderly persons have been used to making their own decisions and caring for themselves for decades, so relinquishing that control and care to someone else is easier said than done. In-home care means a new routine and new people. Helping seniors prepare for these changes will make the transition go much more smoothly. In addition, working with a reputable home care agency that offers a point-of-care home care system or home care software, such as ClearCare Online, will make the entire process easier for the senior and his family.

Understanding Care Transitions

What is a care transition? A care transition may refer to a patient moving from one healthcare provider or healthcare setting to another. It may mean a senior with an illness is discharged from a hospital and will be receiving temporary in-home care. It can also refer to a senior who has previously cared for himself and is now being helped by an in-home caregiver. Any change in care – or care setting – is a care transition. For many of us, these changes may seem routine or just standard procedures, but they can be daunting to the elderly person himself. How can you help your elderly loved one enjoy a seamless transition to home care? And how will a homecare system or homecare software help?

Preparing for the Transition

The more prepared the senior is, the better the outcome will be. Helping him know what to expect is an important first step. Sit down with the caregiver and the senior patient. Discuss together:

  • The patient’s care goals
  • His preferences, interests, and hobbies
  • What fears or concerns he may have

For families who will be using a homecare system or homecare software like ClearCare Online, ask the caregiver how to log in to see real-time updates on their loved one’s daily activities. Show the senior the homecare software to reassure him that his family will always know what is taking place in his home. Helping him to understand how a homecare system offers real-time visibility and accountability will go a long way in calming his nerves about home care.

A successful transition involves clear communication and coordination among physicians, caregivers, agency administrators and family members. If things get overlooked, problems are sure to arise. Help keep everyone on the same page by using dependable homecare software that features a reliable messaging and scheduling system.

ClearCare Online’s homecare system has been developed to help seniors and their families feel comfortable with home care – including the transition process. What other tips do you have for easing the transition? Drop us a line and let us know!

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