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Easy Ways to Help Seniors Stay Active

activities for elderly
In order to stay healthy, seniors need physical activity. They also require activities that keep them mentally stimulated so their minds can remain sharp and engaged. Whether you are an active senior who loves the outdoors, or one who prefers the peace and quiet of your home, there are numerous activities you can enjoy to help you stay young at heart.
If you are a caregiver providing in-home elder care, you should be eager to offer suggestions and ideas that will prompt the senior to stay active. The older we get, the less inclined we may be to try new things. But with a wide range of activities to choose from, seniors will be more apt to find a hobby that suits their interests.

Activities for Active Seniors

Many communities sponsor charity mile walks (or runs) that are open to the public. These are excellent activities for two reasons: the physical exercise is incredibly beneficial and the social aspect is just as rewarding.

If your city doesn’t have charity events like this, a mile walk through a local park can still be very enjoyable. Walking with a few close friends will make it even more fun, so give your fellow seniors a call beforehand. Caregivers can also use this time as a relaxing forum for chatting with seniors without the stress of a doctor's office or household chores loming.

Another great way to keep in shape is by practicing yoga. Senior yoga classes are gaining popularity because yoga offers a number of benefits, including increased circulation, reduced inflammation and better overall health. Yoga also includes breathing exercises and mediation that are proven ways to reduce stress. In addition, many seniors enjoy yoga because it gives them better body awareness which helps them avoid falls and other injuries.

Lovers of the outdoors may also like:

• Birdwatching

• Gardening

• Photography

• Nature hikes

Activities for Less Active Seniors

Even if poor health or lack of energy prevents seniors from being as active as they'd like, there are still many fun activities for seniors and caregivers to enjoy together.

Our brains need regular mental exercise to keep active and alert. Studies have even shown that mentally engaging activities can reduce age-related mental decline in cognitive functions. Learning a new language, putting a puzzle together, and playing board games are all effective ways to stimulate your brain, providing positive long-lasting effects on your memory, reasoning skills and thinking ability.

Seniors may also find these activities enjoyable:

• Scrapbooking

• Drawing or painting

• Crossword puzzles or sudoku

• Knitting, sewing or crocheting

Family members who utilize ClearCare’s caregiver software will no doubt enjoy how easy it is to monitor their loved one’s daily activities – including mentally stimulating activities such as these. It’s important that you emphasize the importance of these activities to professional caregivers assigned to your loved one’s care so she encourages the senior to take part.

Being a senior citizen may be depressing at times since you aren’t able to do as many of the things you used to. You may feel limited in the choices you have for fun and entertainment, but in fact, the opposite is true. Without secular work and other responsibilities, you are free to enjoy all the activities you never had time for in the past! And as a caregiver, activity time provides a chance to slow down and enjoy the company of the elderly!

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