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Finding Peace of Mind When Your Loved Ones Are Home

When we leave the care of a loved one in someone else’s hands, we might bite our finger nails in worry and wonder if we made the right decision. How are they doing? Are they okay? Should I call to check in?

Recently this has been the worry with families whose loved ones are in the care of nursing facilities. With stories in the news media exposing elderly abuse and neglect in nursing homes, families of the elderly are becoming more aware of their limited ability to monitor the condition of a loved one who is under another’s care.

However, it is not only families who are becoming more aware of this, but also legislative states. The Oklahoma legislature is considering a mandatory implementation of video surveillance cameras in all nursing homes in the state. Ultimately, this would allow nursing facilities to better monitor elderly care, document abuse and neglect, and filter out poor care providers.

Video surveillance cameras may work in a nursing facility setting for elder care monitoring. However, for the countless seniors who live independently with the aide of an in-home caregiver, having their family members install video surveillance cameras around the house is not an option!

The Benefits of a Home Care System

With ClearCare’s home care software and home care system, family members can monitor their loved ones in a different way (and without the video surveillance). With home care software that is dedicated to providing complete transparency into the home, ClearCare’s home care system lets family members track the status of in-home caregivers to make sure their loved one is receiving quality care. This allows seniors to stay comfortable in their own homes, without having to move into a nursing home and be subjected to situations that require video surveillance.

The home care system and home care software that ClearCare provides offers the ability to view care updates in live-time from any device with internet access, empowering family members to be at the point of care for their loved ones at any time.

The same holds true for the numerous in-home care providing agencies that use ClearCare’s home care software. With live-time reporting from in-home caregivers, agencies can better monitor their elder clients and track their care status to ensure that they are safe, happy, and healthy in their homes.

Relying on ClearCare for elder care monitoring is a big plus for agencies and a great tool for family members. With ClearCare’s home care system and home care software, family members can finally have peace of mind.

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