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Gaming Technology Researched for Elder Use in Europe

While it seems unlikely that you’ll be convincing Grandma to fire up her laptop, don a headset and come over for your teenage son’s gaming party anytime soon, European researchers are investigating how gaming technology may help seniors maintain independence.

The research project, called Verve, is a $6 million dollar effort amongst scientists, tech consultants and health care professionals from the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Italy, Spain and Germany to determine whether or not gaming technology has the ability to help build the confidence and mental abilities of seniors. Specifically, the project is designed to evaluate 3-D graphics and gaming styles to help seniors with dementia, mental disabilities or fear of household hazards, such as falling, by walking them through real-world scenarios led by a computer-generated avatar to help re-build confidence and enforce routine.

Homecare Software a More Realistic Solution

For the time being, seniors and their caregivers are likely looking for more feasible short-term solutions that technology can help provide to their loved ones. One such technology is homecare software and homecare systems designed to help in-home care providers provide quality care, while increasing transparency and efficiently managing both front and back-end operations.

Homecare systems and homecare software, such as ClearCare, can be utilized to help manage caregiver and client schedules, track arrivals and departures from a client’s home, and track daily tasks imperative to a client’s wellbeing. However, with a top-quality homecare software, and homecare systems designed with ease of use in mind, such as software, this technology can offer far more.

For example, ClearCare’s homecare systems and homecare software allow home care agency administrators to grant access to loved ones so that they can see care logs, check on real-time updates of tasks, and see the invoice balances they owe in regards to accounting.

While European seniors may be gaming sometime soon, their American counterparts can rely on the ability of homecare software and homecare systems, like ClearCare, used by quality caregivers to ensure that they have all the support they need to live safely at home.

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