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Helping Seniors Overcome Apprehensions about Home Care

homecare softwareAlthough the majority of seniors prefer home care over any other care setting, the prospect can still be somewhat daunting. Bringing a caregiver into the home means change, and for some seniors, this change can be difficult to accept. Once your family has made the decision to hire an in-home caregiver, it is important to help your elderly loved one fully understand the changes involved, and make the transition as seamless as possible.

For the process to be successful, the senior’s family, home care agency, and caregivers need to work together as a team. With a reliable home care system or home care software, such as ClearCare Online, this can be accomplished easier than ever before.

Preparing for Home Care

Making the transition from family caregiving to professional home care will go much more smoothly when the senior understands what is taking place. This starts with advanced planning – well before the caregiver’s first shift. It also helps when everyone involved:

  • Keeps an open mind
  • Asks questions
  • Has realistic expectations
  • Communicates regularly

Families can stay involved with their loved one by checking in on them using ClearCare Online’s home care software. By logging into the “Family Room,” family members can see real-time updates on their loved one’s daily care, check schedules, and view invoices. ClearCare Online’s home care system makes it easy to stay connected – even long-distance. Reassuring your loved one that you will have complete access to his daily care records can soothe nerves and fears.

Transitioning to Home Care

From the very beginning, good communication is key. Be open and honest with the caregiver, and encourage her to do the same. With ClearCare Online’s home care system and home care software, concerns can be addressed quickly and effectively, ensuring that small issues don’t escalate into major problems.

Make your expectations known right from the start. Avoid vague or indistinct language that could lead to discrepancies later. Instead of asking the caregiver to “remind mother to take her pills,” indicate exactly what pills should be taken at what time of day. Ideally, use a web-based home care system like ClearCare Online that specifies and schedules the tasks and requires updates from the caregiver. This will help your loved one build confidence in her caregiver.

In addition to tracking completion of individual tasks, dependable home care software can provide proof to whether or not the caregiver is actually at your loved one’s home. This gives you peace of mind that your loved one is receiving the best possible commitment and care. When you feel secure about the home care arrangement, your feelings will translate to your loved one.

For more information on ClearCare Online’s home care system and home care software and how it could benefit your family, call one of our friendly representatives today!

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