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Home Care: A Vital Safety Link for Seniors

Safer-home-for-seniorsOn January 26th, a raging fire destroyed a senior community in Quebec, Canada, leaving an estimated 30 seniors dead. The gruesome scene was made worse by frigid temperatures that caused water used to fight the blaze to freeze. While the official cause of the fire is still under investigation, a cigarette left burning is thought to be a possible cause.

Events like the deadly Quebec fire are a terrible reminder of the dangers that face many senior citizens. While a structure fire is a dangerous situation for an able-bodied individual, for seniors with limited mobility or cognitive impairment, an emergency can have a much higher potential for a fatal ending. However, for seniors living in their own homes, in-home care services managed with the help of a home care software or home care system can be a vital link to both preventing emergencies and staying safe when dire circumstances present themselves.

For example, 78-year-old Jerry lives alone and has been a smoker for the past 40 years. Since his diagnosis with mild dementia, Jerry’s daughter has been concerned about the possibility of a lit cigarette causing a fire in his home. With the help of a new home care service that uses ClearCare Online’s home care software and home care system to manage their services, Jerry’s daughter is getting a little peace of mind.

Thanks to tasks listed for the caregiver within the home care software, caregivers are aware of Jerry’s smoking and regularly checking that cigarettes are safely put out and disposed of. With the help of home care system managed tasks, caregivers are also able to support Jerry in his efforts to quit through help with reminding him to put on nicotine patches and distract him from cravings.

Even more helpful, voice comments left by caregivers in the home care software and home care system can be viewed by Jerry’s daughter via her secure log-in to the home care system so that she knows if, and when her dad is smoking.

Beyond potentially dangerous habits like smoking, home care software can also help caregivers keep track of tasks that keep clients safe, such as mobility around the home, using walkers, eating restricted diets and bathing – just to name a few.

While not every scenario can be predicted, home care coupled with the robust technology of a home care software or home care system, like ClearCare Online, can help lend seniors a safer helping hand.

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