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Home Care Software Helps Provide Peace of Mind

home care softwareKnowing who is providing care for a senior loved one is often a major concern for family caregivers. How can they be sure this individual is kind, caring, knowledgeable and free of any criminal record? A recent report by KCRA 3 News, based in Sacramento, CA, found that one California agency has been issuing clearance to begin work for senior and child care facility workers prior to background checks being thoroughly reviewed.

The end result? Some workers coming in daily contact with vulnerable segments of the population, all while employers thought that State background checks had been completed. While advocacy groups are currently calling for this example of a legislative loophole putting seniors and children at risk, there are potentially similar situations occurring throughout the country.

However, while senior care facility workers in California are required to pass a state background check, many in home care providers conduct background checks through contracted companies and employ a stringent set of standards for their in-home elder care workers. One of the tools that makes this possible is homecare software or a homecare system, such as ClearCare Online.

Homecare Software Helps Manage “Safe” Hiring

The vast majority of elder care employers take an extreme interest in the wellbeing of their clients and the competence of the individuals providing care on behalf of their agency. However, keeping track of when background checks are returned, where someone is in the hiring process and logging important notes about training and hiring can be next to impossible with old fashioned paper & pen methods – especially when you’re dealing with multiple new hires at once.

ClearCare Online’s homecare software and homecare system offers a unique way to track caregivers at every stage of the hiring process, and with the ability to integrate to a reliable background check service, agency hiring managers are able to see when interviews were completed, clearances were approved and caregiver candidates are ready for hire…or not.

Homecare Software Provides Family Peace of Mind

Beyond making hiring easier, homecare software can also help provide peace of mind to family members that quality caregivers are responsible for the care of their loved ones. For example, via ClearCare Online’s homecare system Family Room portal, family members can see not only the names of caregivers but also photos and updates from caregivers in real time. This often provides a level of comfort that allows family caregivers to feels secure in their decision to enlist the help of a home care agency.

While loved ones will likely always be concerned about the level of care their senior family member receives from professional caregivers, with the help of an experienced homecare agency using ClearCare Online’s homecare software, that concern can be eased.

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