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How Technology Helps Home Care Solutions

images-29Both homecare managers and family caregivers are seeking ways to make elderly homecare more efficient, more safe and more beneficial for seniors. One of the most prominent home care solutions available in today’s marketplace is the use of technology to streamline care management, improve communication and oversee caregivers in the field.

Technology-Based Home Care Solutions

While business programs tailored for accounting, organization and timekeeping work well in many industries, in home care agencies require powerful technology that is intuitive, affordable and reliable. Software for homecare is a program that has been specifically developed to meet the needs of care managers, their clients, and employees.

ClearCare is a care management software that provides functional homecare solutions for both agency managers and family caregivers. Real-time telephony and online updates provide homecare business administrators the ability to track clock-ins, clock-outs and task completions as they happen. Meantime, the innovative technology of ClearCare allows client families to view this information via a secure online log-in.

Home Care Solutions for Family Caregivers

Family caregivers are often seeking ways to make home care affordable, or trustworthy. Working with an in home care agency that is certified, or licensed, per the requirements in your state is the first step towards finding home care solutions for your family caregiver dilemmas. Be sure to ask agencies how they screen caregivers, and if they monitor caregivers in the field with ClearCare Online care management software.

Home care solutions in affordability can often be found via a long-term care insurance policy, or hiring care only when necessary, opposed to 24/7. Remember, the cost of home care is almost always less that that of an assisted living or nursing facility.

Home Care Solutions For All

Advanced homecare solutions like ClearCare are a tool that paves the road to providing better care for your clients, while also providing peace of mind for families. Ideally, home care solutions should allow homecare businesses to grow and focus on client relations, while simultaneously providing a more welcoming environment for families seeking outside help.

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