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4 Top Ways To Use Homecare Software As A Marketing Tool

When families recognize that it’s time for a homecare agency to provide assistance for an elderly loved one, there are lots of questions that arise:

“How do I know that my wife is having her needs met while I’m not there?”

“What happens if Dad’s regular caregiver is ill and can’t come to work?”

“Who will be monitoring the care that Grandma receives?”

With ClearCare Online care management software, home care agencies are able to provide peace of mind to potential clients. And for most families, feeling comfortable with the level of care a loved one is receiving from a home care service is priceless.

Having the ability to show clients the benefits of home care software during the sales process proves to clients that your agency believes in transparency and the pursuit of high quality care.

What features of ClearCare Online make the software a comforting tool for families?

1. Real time task tracking: Caregivers report completed tasks immediately. Keep close track of meals, medications, bathing and more.

2. Caregiver time tracking:
Caregivers check in from the field. If a home health aide hasn’t clocked in on time, providers are able to ensure that coverage is provided immediately.

3. Portable Care Plans:
With mobile compatibility via smartphones and tablets, caregivers have access to individualized care plans in a client’s home.

4. Client Access:
Providers can provide clients with log-in information to track the care of their loved one. This can be an invaluable tool for concerned family members, or those who live out-of-town.

Although ads and testimonials may draw clients in, demonstrating a proven system of checks and balances via ClearCare Online is the type of quality guarantee that closes sales.

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