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Elderly Home Care Solutions


Caregiver with woman in a wheelchair

Identifying solutions to homecare needs of the elderly is a task that families, care managers and homecare agency owners approach with care. As more elderly individuals make the choice to age in place, it is imperative to find homecare solutions that allow seniors to stay in their home, and stay safe.

Elderly Caregiving Solutions:

Seniors maintaining their independence may mean that they do so by accepting a little help. Homecare solutions for caregiving include the support of a family caregiver or homecare agency. The typical type of care provided by family caregivers and care for hire agencies includes laundry, meal preparation, bathing and providing an extra hand with the daily chores in a home.

When a homecare provider and family caregivers are working together, communication becomes a chief concern. However, the use of a homecare software like ClearCare, allows family members to receive real-time updates from professional caregivers. This unique line of communication offers a modern-day homecare solution based on mobile communication.

Solutions for the Home:

When seniors begin to receive care in their residence, it may be necessary to identify homecare solutions that involve minor changes to the home. Mobility, sight and hygiene may all require adjustments to make the tasks more suitable for caregiver assistance, as well as for safety when seniors are alone.

Ensure that the home is well lit, so seniors can see where they’re going with ease. Move furniture that limits mobility with walkers or canes. Wide walkways provide less chance of tripping. To reduce tripping hazards even further, remove throw rugs and tape down any cords that must run along the floor. Equip showers and long hallways with grab bars that senior citizens can use to brace themselves while walking or showering; all little changes that can make a big difference in the safety of elderly individuals living independently.

Also work to create an environment that is caregiver friendly by rearranging furniture and appliances to make enough room for an elderly resident and caregiver to maneuver comfortably. For added convenience, try to clear a small workspace for professional caregivers where they can complete care logs and check-in with ClearCare homecare software.

Homecare solutions are as unique as the seniors that require them. Keep that in mind as you search for ways to help your elderly loved ones stay home and stay safe as they enjoy their golden years.

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