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Behind the Scenes at ClearCare: Our Mission and Values

main_missionMany of our partners got into the home care industry to “do well by doing good” -- striving to build great businesses and to make things better for seniors and families. Yet, so often we hear of agency owners and staff feeling buried in the incredibly demanding logistics of running an agency -- and in the challenges of managing some of life’s toughest situations.

We view home care staff and caregivers as heroes, but from what we hear they often don’t feel that way! We want to help. Our Mission is to empower our partners to be successful -- to operate as efficiently as possible and grow, and to improve healthcare and aging.

Our dedication to our Mission -- and our dedication to the Values that underlie our culture -- are the real underlying reasons why the home care industry has responded so positively to ClearCare over the past five years. Today, we’re privileged to serve thousands of home care agencies, and we’re deployed at four of the world’s five largest home care agencies. The things that our partners get excited about in our product and support experience are ultimately manifestations of our commitment to our Mission and Values that provide our compass for everything we do.

The Wow Factor

ClearCare’s Mission and Values start with our people. We invest tremendously in recruiting world-class talent that shares our dedication and focus. By way of example, although we’ve grown rapidly as a company -- now to over 80 employees with more folks joining the team every month -- I still personally interview each and every person who is being seriously considered for a role with the ClearCare team for fit with our Mission and Values. You can train employees for skills, but you can’t train employees on the intangibles -- like empathy, integrity, and a deep personal passion to “Wow” our customers.

“Wow” is one of ClearCare’s six values and a big and important word for us! “Wow” defines our standard for our product, our support experience and for how we interact with each other within ClearCare. Where did this come from? In the early days when we first launched ClearCare, we’d be on a demo and maybe 5 minutes in, we would hear our first “Wow!” The demo would go on and we just loved hearing the “wows” as we’d proceed and show one capability and then the next. Over time, we formalized “Wow” as the standard for what we all do every day. We love when we get that from a customer, and also when we’re working together and hear that from a peer.

Wow is the value that appears at the top of our list of Values, and we also stay relentlessly focused on our other five Values which drive our culture:

  • Empathy – The ability to actively listen to others and and act on what we hear. Ultimately this is what had made our product so successful, and we view it as vital to continued improvement.
  • Integrity - More than just being truthful, it’s also about trust and accountability -- being the kind of person that you know will always do what you say you’re doing to do, that communicates transparently and honestly, and is willing to hold yourself and others accountable.
  • Empowerment – This is a core part of our Mission -- “empowering our customers to operate as efficiently as possible and grow.” It’s also core to how we treat each other -- striving to empower each other to be successful and deliver excellence.
  • Fun – We foster an environment of positivity, friendliness, and creativity. We know great achievements require great teams. And we all spend a lot of time at work -- we want to enjoy it!
  • Frugality – We have a tremendous responsibility as the leading home care technology provider to invest our resources wisely in support of our partners.

Credit Where Credit’s Due

Our Mission and Values are everything at ClearCare! Because we recognize them as the true core of our product, our service and our culture, we recognize people within the ClearCare organization for embodying these traits.

We do this in a variety of ways. One of my favorite ways is our “Wow Committee” -- made up of five employees who apply and are selected each quarter -- who drive Wow in ways big and small throughout our organization and to our customers. The Wow Committee supports things like our volunteer work, employee recognition, and other initiatives. Each week, they also select one particularly special “Wowzer of the Week” – a person who has been nominated by his or her peers for embodying one of the values of wow, empathy, integrity, empowerment, fun, or frugality. Maybe someone empowered a customer by showing them a new capability within ClearCare. Maybe someone stepped in and helped a peer that was struggling with an issue. Perhaps someone made a great impression on a client by simply listening to them and guiding them to a meaningful solution. These are all examples of what makes someone’s efforts “wow”-worthy.

While no organization or person is perfect, we hold ourselves to the highest standards and strive to act -- every day -- in a way that’s true to our values. Home care has a tremendous role to play in the lives of millions of seniors and families and we feel that as long as we keep our Mission and Values at the core of what we do, we’ll continue to deliver the best and most powerful platform and services to the home care industry.

To see how our mission and values translate to taking care of our customers, read some of our customer success stories.

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