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Seniors Rally to Demand Home Care Funding

Dozens of seniors rallied together outside Massachusetts’s Governor Deval Patrick’s office last week demanding that their concerns about cuts in home care spending be heard. Amidst chants of “Can you hear us now, Governor?” the seniors posed questions and comments to Ann Harstein, Patrick’s secretary of the Executive Office of Elder Affairs. Of utmost concern was the response Patrick would give to senior advocacy groups’ questions regarding his $15 million budget cut for home care services.

Although Patrick didn’t meet with the seniors, Ann Harstein remarked that he was “totally committed to community-first,” referring to the policy that promotes home care over nursing home care. Unfortunately, seniors and senior care advocates don’t believe Patrick is doing enough. Currently there are 1,221 seniors on waiting lists to receive home care in that area.

"A lot of us have been told that this is a community-first state but have not experienced that this is a community-first state," Massachusetts Senior Action Council Executive Director Carolyn Villers told Hartstein. Even for those receiving state-funded home care, the amount of financial assistance has decreased over the years. Many may not be receiving the benefits of home care systems or home care software, such as provided by ClearCare.

The seniors who gathered together urged the governor to make sure home care services are sufficiently funded in the budget he’s scheduled to submit. The group also went to other state offices as well in order to make their voices heard.

Home Care Systems Help Seniors Stay Safe at Home

According to Massachusetts Senior Action Council numbers, home care services have saved the state $703 million annually by keeping seniors out of expensive nursing homes. In addition, home care takes a significant burden off family members, many of whom are overworked and overwhelmed.

Reputable agencies that offer home care systems and home care software like ClearCare provide safe and quality care for seniors and peace of mind for their loved ones. Unlike other home care systems on the market, ClearCare’s innovate home care software is designed to be intuitive, user-friendly, and 100% reliable.

The seniors who rallied at Governor Patrick’s offices realize the value of home care. ClearCare recognizes the value as well, and has developed the most comprehensive home care software in order to keep more seniors safe and comfortable in their own homes. Unlike nursing homes, which can feel cold and institutionalized, home care is warm and personal. Qualified caregivers can make all the difference in the lives of seniors, helping them maintain their dignity and independence.

When considering the different home care systems available, be sure to determine which company has built a reputation for excellence. To find out what customers of ClearCare’s home care software have to say, call one of our friendly representatives today. We will be happy to put you in touch with satisfied home care clients who could never imagine using anyone else.

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