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The Heat is ON – Keeping Seniors Cool!

arthritis symptomsA season called Summer takes hold for a few often unbearable months. While the heat can be uncomfortable for people of any age, extreme heat without proper cooling and precautions can be deadly for senior citizens. With the help of family caregivers, home care aides and proper preparations for severe weather, seniors can be safe when the mercury rises.

Be Prepared: Depending on where seniors live, heat may be the norm or an anomaly. If heat is common and homes are equipped with air conditioning, make sure that units are working properly before heat arrives. If no air conditioning is in a home, be sure seniors have plenty of fans and cool clothing to deal with high temperatures.

Have Help: Lots of activity on hot days can stress a senior’s body faster than that of a younger individual. On hot days, the help of a family caregiver or caregiver from an agency that uses a home care software or home care system, can be helpful in keeping seniors from over exerting themselves with household chores or errands. Fortunately, agencies that use home care software or a home care system, such as ClearCare Online, can easily match caregivers with clients who need help on shorter notice as extreme heat is predicted.

Stay Hydrated: Keeping hydrated is especially important for seniors in the summer to reduce the likelihood of heat related illness. Caregivers or loved ones should make sure beverages like water or iced tea are readily available to seniors and encourage their intake. With a home care software or home care system in place, caregivers can also track intake of liquids so that family caregivers and other providers are aware of any issues with lack of hydration. Light meals may also keep seniors feeling better than heavy, rich foods.

Stay Cool: Beyond mechanical cooling mechanisms like air conditioning and fans, cool wash cloths applies to the wrists and neck can help cool body temperature. Tasks like this can be entered into a home care software or home care system to remind agency caregivers to keep seniors comfortable with these tasks.

Get Out: Often places outside the home may be cooler than the home. With a caregiver using a home care software or home care system like ClearCare to manage their daily tasks, seniors may consider getting out to find a shady place at the park, take in a movie, or visit the library where air conditioning may be more efficient than in the home.

Heat can be a summer enemy, so taking the proper steps to prepare are vital to keeping seniors safe. And with the help of family caregivers or a home care aide using ClearCare Online’s home care software or home care system, cooling off can be easier than any summer before.

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