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Using ClearCare to Close More Business

Technology in the home health care industry is growing by leaps and bounds. Is your agency keeping up with current trends?

According to a study conducted by the Center for Aging Services Technologies (CAST), “Baby Boomers” are willing to:

  • Spend up to $100 each month on technology to ensure healthier living and independence as they age.
  • In a series of focus groups, CAST reported most participants would also be willing to pay at least $50 each month for electronic monitoring technologies to enable their aging parents or themselves to live independently.

These findings serve as a wake-up call for health care agencies who are not yet currently offering these types of services.

Technology Expands the Ability to Age In Place

Helen Higgins, Business Development Manager of Hewlett Packard, stated, “Every seven seconds a Baby Boomer turns 50. The need for technologies to help these individuals age in place, on their terms, is tremendous.” She added, “Improvements in technology for the aging could not only improve their quality of care and life, but also reduce our nation’s ever-growing healthcare costs.”

Has your agency considered how it would personally benefit from using the technology offered by ClearCare?

As awareness of technological advancements in the health care field increases, in-home health care agencies are going to be inspected with fine-tooth combs and magnifying glasses. Families are going to want to hire the absolute best agency for their loved one; the agency that can provide them with real-time visibility to point-of-care for their peace of mind. Having competent caregivers and a solid reputation simply won’t cut it anymore – the bar has been raised too high.

Is your organization willing to take the necessary steps to rise to the occasion?

Benefits of ClearCare Online For Homecare Business

With our Care Scheduling, your agency can easily specify what tasks are to be performed when and by whom. Get a complete view of your caregivers’ schedules when assigning clients and scheduling care, and rest assured the right care plan is communicated to your caregivers.

ClearCare allows your caregivers to have their complete task list in front of them at the point-of-care with a tablet or smartphone. As your caregivers work, you have complete visibility to the care provided. You can then provide the client’s families real-time visibility to their loved one’s care.

Unlike other telephony systems which only track clock-in and clock-out times, ClearCare’s patent-pending telephony solution reads tasks and captures status updates when the caregiver calls in from your client’s home phone – letting you know with certainty your care plans are being completed. This innovative technology will bring your agency more business and guarantee more satisfied clients.

Take advantage of the free demo provided by ClearCare to your prospective clients. For agencies with 20 or more clients, ClearCare offers a free demo unit iPad to assist with your business development. Be sure to check out all the details and you’ll soon recognize the many benefits from ClearCare’s cutting edge technology.

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