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Why Should I Go With a Home Care Provider Versus Hiring Privately?

senior tax assistanceWhen your loved one is in need of in-home care, two questions might come to mind: Should we hire someone privately/independently? Or should we look at an agency that specializes in home care?

The first option that might come to mind is to hire someone privately. If you don’t have an available friend or family member to help in the caretaking, then finding someone would be as easy as creating a post on Craig’s List. Additionally, hiring someone privately would be much cheaper than going through a third-party provider.

But although this might look good financially, it doesn’t make up for caregiver quality and accountability—things that a third-party service provider could easily manage with a home care software or home care system solution.

Many third-party home care providers do use home care software management systems, such as ClearCare Online. These systems are created to provide the best possible care to loved ones living at home, and more. Here are just a couple of reasons why a third-party home care provider may be more beneficial than hiring privately:

1. High-Quality Caregivers: You will want to have a trusted and honest caregiver taking care of your loved one. But going through the background checking process, tracking the history of a caregiver’s employment, and contacting their references can prove difficult and time consuming. A home care provider is experienced in hiring quality caregivers and in weeding out those who do not have the skills or are not compatible with clients. Those home care providers using a home care system can easily filter through caregiver applicants and maintain records of those who have excellent performance backgrounds based upon previous assignments with other clients. Additionally, providers keep track of personnel file items to ensure that caregivers are keeping up-to-date on the certifications and credentials that are needed to verify their ability to serve others. By yourself, this may be difficult to monitor and keep track of. But with a provider using a home care software system, they (and the caregiver) can easily keep track of upcoming expirations.

2. Caregiver Availability: If you hire someone independently, chances are, they are going to want to ask for time-off or have a couple of sick-days. You would find yourself scrambling to find another caregiver who would be available and able to attend to your loved one. Possible? Possibly. But probably not worth the trouble. Third-party providers are armed with a wide-range of available caregivers with varying skill sets to choose from. In the event that a caregiver is sick or needs to cancel a shift at the last minute, third-party providers can easily find another available and able caregiver to make sure your loved one is taken care of. For those using a home care system solution, finding an available and able caregiver is a quick 5-minute process that requires no scrambling and that, most importantly, looks out for your loved one.

3. Accountability: If you are away from your loved one, how will you know that your privately hired caregiver is arriving promptly to your agreed upon times and not leaving early? You’d be surprised, but even with hundreds of caregivers, a reliable home care provider can easily keep track of this. Many providers use telephony that is linked with their home care software or home care system. Caregivers must be at the client’s home to use the telephony system for clock-ins and clock-outs. Linked with their home care software, the provider would be notified if a caregiver didn’t clock-in through telephony on time and arrived late to the client’s home. Additionally, records can be kept on instances in which a caregiver left the client’s home early. Powered with this knowledge, providers can hold caregivers accountable to their assignments to ensure that your loved one is receiving the care that you requested.

Maybe you can think of more differences and advantages/disadvantages between hiring someone privately and going through a third-party provider. Whatever differences we think of, we can agree that home care providers have the most resources that can help your loved one, especially if they are using a home care software or home care system solution. And although hiring a third-party provider may be more expensive, you just can’t put a price on a better quality of life and care for the one you love.

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