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How Louise Ultimately Chose Her Technology Partner


Louise Murphy, Owner

Visiting Angels, Nashua, New Hampshire


Louise Murphy started her Visiting Angels Agency in 2009. Over the last 5 years, her agency's revenue has grown by an amazing 345% with an average annual growth rate of more than 36%

Easy to Use

Having used four other home care software vendors, Louise knows the importance of an intuitive system with a short learning curve. The ClearCare system is simple to use and designed to streamline your business and simplify operational tasks.

"The ease of use of the overall system drove me to use ClearCare...the features like the Live View, caregiver messaging (with return messages recorded in the system), travel time and distance calculations, and, of course, scheduling shifts are simple use and extremely helpful to our business!"

Time is Money

As a business owner, Louise understands the value of time. Her advice for any owner considering a technology partner is to heavily weigh time-savings as a factor in their buying decision.

"When I thought about the cost of my time, I decided to use ClearCare. With the platform, my office staff and I can work more efficiently, saving time and money...the extra time I have now is worth the price of ClearCare."

ClearCare is laser-focused focused on efficiency, consistently adding tools and features to the system based on customer feedback.

"I used to have calculate and process travel time and distance manually. Having it done automatically in ClearCare has been a tremendous time saver for me."

One-stop shop

With ClearCare, Louise is able to reduce the number of vendors she works with. The platform takes the entire business into account and provides a multitude of tools to address business needs on all fronts. Louise loves using ClearCare's free marketing monthly program to educate her caregivers and get in the door with her referral sources.

When looking for a technology partner she emphasizes that knowing what is included in the system is key. She urges her fellow owners to ask themselves, "are they really comparing apples to apples if they're comparing the price of ClearCare versus the price of what they're using."

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