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Jeff Schweikert reduces agency's tax liability with WOTC

Jeff Schweikert

Jeff Schweikert started Home Care Assistance of St. Louis in 2006 after a 24 year career in the high tech industry. His strategy of carefully considering each and every caregiver applicant helps him combat the industry trend of caregiver shortages and turnover. Despite these challenges, Jeff has continued to grow by  maintaining a careful focus on hiring and retaining top talent -- which in turn allows his business to offer stable and reliable care to local families.

 One of the many considerations that employers like Jeff have during the hiring process is to participate in the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) program, a federal tax credit awarded to employers who offer work to those who face significant barriers to employment. A home care agency can earn tax credits for their business between $2,400 and $9,600 per eligible caregiver. Jeff and his hiring team have found that upwards of 30% of caregiver applicants are eligible for his agency to earn the WOTC credit.

 For Jeff, considering the WOTC program as a component of his hiring strategy is a no brainer.

 “It is an opportunity to obtain tax credits for things we were already doing with the business. Since the beginning, we've worked to help our employees access the tools and environment to become more independent. It's been great to have the opportunities through WOTC to receive tax credits in exchange for doing the right thing in creating jobs that become careers.”

 Jeff is able to re-invest the savings each year back into his business. Home care agencies who find these credits can invest in better tools, training, and more competitive wages and benefits for caregivers and office staff.

“We've seen tax credits in the tens of thousands of dollars since we started in the WOTC program. These dollars get invested back into the business to continue to make our employee experience with the company stronger and stickier.”

 The icing on the cake? Jeff doesn’t have to spend hours manually submitting paperwork and calculating hours to determine actual eligibility because ClearCare offers an integration with General Information Services.

“Processing WOTC credits used to be a much more manual process before the ClearCare integration. The integration into ClearCare has significantly streamlined the process. ”

Additionally, with the help of ClearCare’s integrated Employment Screening with CareGuard continuous monitoring, Jeff is able to run continuous background checks on caregivers in a similar way that LifeLock and Credit Karma continuously monitors your identity or credit background.

Offering a great career to top talent while saving money and time. What’s not to love? Check out the Home Care Agency’s Guide to WOTC to learn more about how this program can provide savings that cover the cost of ClearCare.

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