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Jim Diehl’s agency saves 25% on workers' comp with ClearCare's WorkSafe


Why did you purchase your work comp insurance through ClearCare?

We purchased our workers’ compensation through ClearCare for three main reasons:

  1. Workers' compensation insurance through ClearCare Online Insurance afforded us more savings versus other options we explored.
  2. WorkSafe, ClearCare's integrated caregiver safety program, helps us minimize injuries from our employees. 
  3. The WorkSafe program is integrated into the ClearCare platform that we already use, simplifying our safety program without needing another vendor. 

JimDiehl_HCA.jpgHow much did you save on your workers’ comp? We are a new home care agency, and this was the first time we purchased workers’ compensation insurance. As a start up, it was critical to control our costs. We believe that by choosing ClearCare Online Insurance, we will save around 25% on our workers comp by the end of our first year of operations.

How will WorkSafe central impact your agency? As a new home care agency, not only was it important to control costs, but also to control administrative complexity. The WorkSafe program gave us a turn-key solution to help minimize work related injuries. We did not have to build anything new and we can manage it from the same software platform that we already use to manage our customer and employee relationships. Having WorkSafe integrated with the platform and with us every day streamlines our processes, helping us minimize administrative complexity, which is key in a start up company with limited human resources. --Jim Diehl, Home Care Assistance, Bell and McLennan Counties, Texas

How much could your agency save?

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