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Lauren loves the safety benefits of WorkSafe, saves 33% with ClearCare.



LaurenHellmichHeadshot.pngWhy did you purchase work comp insurance through ClearCare?
As a start-up home care agency, the cost of my workers’ comp was an important issue. Like most agencies I started researching quotes and was also to a workers' comp carrier by our payroll company. That's when I found out ClearCare also offers workers' comp insurance but that it uses a built-in caregiver safety program to keep my caregivers safe and lower my premiums. 

How much did you save on your workers’ comp premiums?
My payroll company had a special relationship with an insurance carrier who provided discounts to customers who were referred by the payroll company. Even with this connection, ClearCare Insurance came in with a better quote. And because of all the benefits my agency receives by implementing ClearCare's WorkSafe (a built-in caregiver safety program), I am saving nearly 33% on my workers’ comp by choosing ClearCare Insurance. 

How will WorkSafe Central impact your agency?
The thing I liked most about WorkSafe is that Caregivers have to disclose immediately after a shift whether they had an injury free shift. In this industry, caregivers often have multiple employers where we need to know if the caregiver was injured on our shift or another agencies. Safe shift reporting in WorkSafe helps us respond quikly to legitimite claims and protect ourself against questionable ones.  Lauren Hellmich, Alderwood Home Care 

How much could your agency save?

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