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Little Treats Mean A Whole Lot to Seniors

senior treatsWith Valentine’s day just around the corner, people everywhere are on the hunt for a sweet treat to share with someone special in their lives. One group of people are also on the lookout for a treat to share with seniors who otherwise may not feel much love on a day devoted to it. The Association for Senior Care, based in Santa Barbara, California is working with the Girl Scouts to raise money to deliver a box of those famous Girl Scout cookies to low-income seniors in Southern California. The simple Sweets for Seniors project aims to bring a little joy to seniors with a box of cookies – something that has a bigger impact on some isolated seniors than

For seniors who may be isolated and living alone, a special treat can bring them a sense of value and excitement, and home care providers have an opportunity to give a little something extra to their seniors with unexpected treats.

Home Care Software Can Help You Treat Clients

Home care agency administrators have a lot on their plates – however, keeping clients happy with great service and extra small touches can be the key to retaining clients and growing service hours. While it may seem impossible to remember details about every client, using a home care software or home care system like ClearCare can help administrators and caregivers remember not only a client’s hygiene needs, but also their favorite kind of candy or music.

With these little reminders tracked in your home care software or home care system, you can treat clients with an occasional surprise to lift their spirits. The gesture need not be big – something as small as a card on Valentine’s Day or their birthday, or a small bag of their favorite candy, brought on intermittent assessment visits can help make clients feel important.

And while organizing small treats for clients may seem like a good idea, but something that time simply doesn’t allow for, implementing a home care software or home care system like ClearCare can help free up the time that administrators and agency staff need to take on special projects and campaigns that can assist in client retention. Automation of tasks such as billing, payroll and care log management within a home care software or home care system reduces time administrators spend on the necessary, but less productive tasks, and frees up that time for focusing on client care and marketing.

What are you doing to help clients feel special? Leave a comment and let us know!

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