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2 Tips on How to Start a Referral Network

referral networkingAs an in-home elder care agency owner, you’re likely looking for ways to win new clients. While traditional advertising and online marketing allow you to grab the attention of potential clients searching for your services, a referral network offers a reliable source of high-quality leads from other professionals in the elder care field. Simple steps, like utilizing online networking sites and home care software or home care systems that allow you to track the referral sources of new prospects can set you on the path to building a productive referral network.

Here are three tips to start building your own referral network, and win new private duty care clients:

1. Identify potential members of your referral network:
Ideally, you’ll want to create a network of non-competing professionals in the elder care field. For example, this may include elder care case managers, hospitals, rehab centers, senior housing facilities, or leaders of community-based elder groups such as senior centers or condition-related support groups. Ideally, you’ll want to connect with elder care professionals that you can also provide referrals to, making the network a two-way street. By utilizing a home care software or home care systems package, such as that offered by ClearCare, you will be able to link referrals and their involvement with your client to better manage your referral network.

2. Maintain contact with your referral network:
In order for people to be able to refer prospects to your in-home elder care agency, they’ll need to remember you. Help keep your services in the forefront of people’s minds by meeting individually with each member of your referral network every 6 to 8 weeks. Ask them if any of the leads you’ve provided have worked out, thank them again for any referrals they sent to you and use the time to highlight new developments in your business. For instance, this kind of meeting is an ideal time to showcase the management capabilities of your agency’s home care software or home care systems.

3. Get involved in local and online networking:
Garnering leads from referral networks requires ongoing maintenance to ensure that both you and the players in your network are remaining active. To keep yourself enthusiastic about referral networking, and to expand your network over time, take part in local business networking groups and maintain your profile on websites like LinkedIn to connect the dots between you and new referral sources. Using a home care system or home care software with a CRM module, like the one available from ClearCare, will help you to manage referrals from new contacts as they come in.

By building your business via a referral network, you will make the most of your time and take full advantage of the ability of a powerful home care system, like ClearCare; and most importantly, you’ll be winning new business!

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