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3 Easy Activities for Home Care Clients With Arthritis

senior exerciseLiving with a chronic illness like arthritis is a constant challenge. Fear of making arthritis symptoms worse discourages many patients from engaging in exercise, which is actually a common mistake. According to a 2011 study by Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, approximately 55% of women and 40% of men suffering from arthritis are inactive.

Avoiding exercise is counterproductive to improving arthritis symptoms. Experts report that regular exercise plays a huge role in helping arthritis patients meet the challenges of daily life. With the help of a homecare system, like ClearCare, homecare providers can easily remember to incorporate exercise into your daily routine. The following three activities are easy and beneficial for arthritis patients, but be sure to discuss any exercise routine with your physician first. You will also want to inform your caregiver what activities you’re engaged in. With sophisticated homecare software, like ClearCare, she will easily be able to keep track of what time you’re scheduled to exercise.

1. Yoga. Studies have shown that yoga is a safe and effective way to manage arthritis symptoms and improve overall health. Yoga increases muscle strength, improves flexibility, decreases joint pain, improves range of motion, enhances respiratory endurance, and increases energy. Yoga is also beneficial for persons living with a chronic illness because it boosts your body’s “feel good” hormones. If you are taking advantage of ClearCare’s homecare system, your caregiver will know exactly when and where your yoga class is scheduled. If senior (or beginner) yoga classes are not available in your area, check out a yoga video from your local library.

2. Walking. Getting sufficient exercise is as simple as a stroll around the neighborhood. Walking is a proven way to reduce stress, limber up stiff muscles, and reduce painful arthritis symptoms. Walking – or any form of aerobic exercise – improves heart health and helps build endurance for different exercises and activities. Let your caregiver know that walking is a part of your daily routine, and she’ll utilize the help of a homecare software, like that offered by ClearCare, to remind you both when it’s time.

3. Swimming. Aqua therapy has always been a recommended form of exercise for managing arthritis symptoms. You’re not bearing your own weight – which is important if you have regular joint pain. If you experience pain in your shoulders, simple aerobics in warm water can help immensely. Tasks in a homecare system, such as ClearCare, will keep track of your swimming sessions and remind your caregiver when it’s time to hit the pool.

Managing arthritis symptoms is made easier with innovative homecare software. Your caregiver will always know when and where your exercise sessions are scheduled, and how she can be of the most help to you at home. A reliable homecare system benefits you in numerous other ways, such as medication management, caregiver reliability, and peace of mind for your family members. ClearCare’s homecare software keeps families completely involved in your care and immediately alerts them when there is a concern. Utilizing this exceptional homecare software is one of the best ways to ensure quality care and guarantee a successful caregiving experience.

Coping with arthritis may be a challenge, but with the suggested exercise activities mentioned here, combined with a dependable homecare system, you can successfully lead a happy and healthy life.

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