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3 Easy Ways to Manage Caregiver Applicants

Man typing on keyboardHiring a pool of reliable, experienced caregivers can be a challenge for new and established private duty agency. With so many interested applicants, it can be difficult to remember whether it was Sue or Sally whose qualifications impressed you, and old fashioned paper applications can cause an excess of paperwork that becomes near impossible to efficiently and effectively manage.

However, with the proper tools, such as a robust home care software and home care systems, agency administrators can effectively manage their caregiver applicants and ensure that clients have access to the best caregivers in town.

1. Require Caregivers to Complete Electronic Applications
With the vast amount of technology available to nearly everyone in today’s world, electronic applications are a more convenient way for administrators to manage applicants, as well as for caregivers to submit employment applications. Documents easily stored on a computer allow for quick organization and access, opposed to paper documentation, and electronic submissions reduce the strain on staff of sorting applications received through multiple channels such as mail, fax and hand delivery.

With the convenient features of a home care software or home care systems, like ClearCare, applicants can apply directly to your agency via a customized application page – with information instantly transferred to your home care systems and home care software for management during the hiring process.

2. Keep Documentation in One Place
While applications are important, background check documentations, certifications, signatures and additional paperwork will all need to be collected during the review & hiring process. Keeping documents in one location will ensure that administrators have everything they need in an instant when it comes time for hiring decisions.

One efficient way to manage documents for hiring is by uploading hiring documents to an electronic storage source. The leading home care software and home care systems, such as that offered by ClearCare, can even provide you with a place to store scanned files along with applications. And with scanning technology available from smartphone devices via a wide array of apps, administrators and their office staff can quickly upload, organize and save files with the assistance of home care software and truly efficient home care systems.

3. Activate Applicants to Caregivers in One Step
When an applicant transitions to a caregiver within your agency, you’ll need to set up their employee records, as well as establish a profile for them in your home care software and home care systems. With applicant information stored in paper files, this can be a time consuming process for new hires. However, an intuitive home care software, such as ClearCare, will allow you to activate caregivers from applicant status with the click of a mouse. Thus, saving your staff time in getting a caregiver established in your home care systems and ready to serve clients.

While finding the best caregivers can be a challenging task, home care administrators should be able to rely on their home care software and home care systems to help pick the best of the bunch and help their business thrive.

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