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3 Reasons ClearCare is Best Home Care Software for Caregiver Management

home care software userWith 50 caregivers and a rapidly expanding client list, Emily was finding it difficult to stay on top of managing her employees, tracking new hires and matching clients to the best caregiver for their needs. Information stored in paper files was time consuming to review and with applications flooding her email, fax machine and mailbox, it seemed nearly impossible to effectively keep track of the individuals who were interested in joining her team of committed caregivers.

For staffing coordinators like Emily, a home care software and home care system like ClearCare can be a lifesaver. Today’s advanced technology allows paper files to become a thing of the past – creating better security, more efficient processes and improved placement of caregivers. If Emily’s situation sounds familiar to you, take a look at three reasons ClearCare is the best home care system and home care software package for managing caregivers.

1. Paperless Applications & Personnel Files:
With ClearCare home care software, you can use an online application automatically linked to your home care system to recruit new caregivers. Then, as the hiring process continues, hired applicants can be activated as a caregiver in one step – keeping application processes paperless, organized and all in one spot! Additionally, with robust tracking capabilities of skills, certifications, availability and more, all of a caregiver’s information can be easily accessed with a few clicks of the mouse via your ClearCare home care software, rather than flapping through all those paper files.

2. Advanced Caregiver-Client Matching:
Without the right tools, pairing clients with the right caregiver can be a time consuming process. However, with the power of ClearCare’s home care system, matching tools allow you to pair up caregivers and clients based on skills, care needs and schedule. And with easy access to notes on pets, personal preferences and more – you can make sure even the little details are a workable match to keep your employees and clients happy.

3. Real Time Messaging:
Getting in touch with caregivers can be a difficult process. If your most used method of hoping caregivers remember their shifts is praying, ClearCare’s home care software is an answer to your prayers! With automated shift reminders, text and email messaging that can be tracked and confirmed and automatic logging of communications, ClearCare is the best home care system for keeping in touch with caregivers on everything from certifications to training and upcoming shifts.

A home care software like ClearCare may not be able to ease all of your stresses, but with the ability to help drastically streamline the management of your caregivers, a home care system investment may ease more worries than you ever imagined.

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