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3 Reasons ClearCare is the Best Home Care Software for Busy Administrators

home care systemHome care agency administrators are extremely busy. From managing staff to ensuring quality care for each and every client, administrators have a very full plate. Much of their time is spent in the office, but many administrators have appointments and tasks that often take them on the road. How can a dependable home care system like ClearCare save administrators time, even when they are on the go? Here are just a few ways.

1. Access client’s schedules from any mobile device. ClearCare’s home care system and home care software have been designed to support all the aspects of your business, even while you are away from the office. ClearCare’s sophisticated scheduling system is accessible via any mobile device, so you can confirm or change your caregivers’ shifts from your iPad or Smartphone.

2. Communicate with caregivers anywhere, anytime. Improve patient outcomes by communicating more effectively with your caregivers. Mass message your caregivers to find out who is available for a particular shift, or send an individual message to learn the whereabouts of a caregiver who has not yet clocked into her shift. ClearCare’s home care software also allows you to communicate important daily tasks to your caregivers so there is no ambiguity surrounding patient care. All messages sent and received through ClearCare’s home care system are kept as a record for future reference.

3. Troubleshoot problems even when you’re away. ClearCare understands that home care agency administrators run into problems whether they are at their desk or on the road. Our web-based home care software gives busy administrators the opportunity to problem-solve no matter where they are. ClearCare’s home care system includes a “live view” interface which gives administrators a real-time, global look at their agency and all working caregivers. Alerts sent out when caregivers are late clocking in our out, and administrators can also listen to “general comments” regarding patient care concerns. ClearCare’s home care software helps administrators troubleshoot potential problems and issues before they have the chance to escalate.

ClearCare’s user-friendly home care system and home care software helps administrators manage the day-to-day operations of their business in the office or on the go. With new features and functions being added on a regular basis, ClearCare will continue to meet the needs of home care busy administrators so they can offer the best services possible to their valued clients.

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